Two groups

January 30, 2007

People gather because they have a common interest, want to have a good time expressing it, show the world what they’re about and, perhaps, make a difference. Some march for peace, and some cheer for the Colts. Are they different kinds of people, deep down? I wonder.


6 Responses to “Two groups”

  1. tim zank Says:

    My guess is the two groups are very different, as most colt fans actually have jobs and a life.

    If you took a look at the crowd at the peace rally, you were either a politician, a multimillionaire actor, or more than likely unemployed (as you had the whole day to give of yourself)…

    Not a whole lot of middle class working folks out there I suspect.

  2. Bob G. Says:

    I don’t look at it as so much a PEACE rally, as a PUH-LEASE rally…..

    …as in PUH-LEASE shut these morons the hell up…yeah, THAT kinda thing.

    I guess we’ll start caling her BAGHDAD JANE, after she flies over there and poses with some AK-toting camel jockeys and some blindfolded US hostages.


  3. Kenn Gividen Says:

    Some call it “team spirit” others (me), “superficial nonsense.”

    At least protesters — be they anti-war zealots or right-to-lifers with kiddies in tow — have a sense of social obligation that motivates them to take to the streets.

    Friday night you’ll find me setting aside social obligations to engage in superficial nonsense whilst I much on pizza watching my wide-screen with a house full of friends.

    Nope. They’re not the same.

  4. Steve Towsley Says:

    I do agree that an activity which will require many of its supporters to spend the day after recovering from a hangover is not the same as an activity that leads people with one cause to go out and try to holler down the other side’s supporters aren’t quite the same thing.

    But if you were to ask me which is more superficial, I would say that more often than not, it’s a wash (especially if there is a rock concert involved, or sixties protest songs, or sixties celebrity speakers like Fonda, Hiatt, Browne, Baez, etc. — or, and this may be the biggest giveaway, career hippies who never moved on from their no-longer-hip glory days).

  5. Kenn Gividen Says:


    Fonda, Baez, et al = designer hippies.

    They got $$ millions.

  6. Steve Towsley Says:

    Kenn —
    No doubt, and Jane Fonda is back at it again with the latest round of designer protests re the war in Iraq…

    Makes her recent “apology” for the photo of her sitting on the Viet Cong artillery seem even more disingenuous.

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