Food fight!

January 31, 2007

OK, that’s it. Gov. Mitch Daniels stayed too long in Washington and is clearly no longer a real Hoosier. For their food Super Bowl bet, the governor of Illinois is offering up, among other things, a true Chicago delicacy — deep-dish pizza. But nowhere in Daniels’ package is one of Indiana’s true claims to food fame — the wondrous breaded tenderloin.

Best Super Bowl joke I’ve heard so far, by the way: How is a $1 bill different from the Indianapolis Colts? ANSWER: You can still get four quarters out of a $1 bill.


3 Responses to “Food fight!”

  1. alex Says:

    Best Mitch Daniels joke:

    Why is “My Man Mitch” like a bad boyfriend?

    First he sells all your stuff without asking. Then he tells you that you need to lose weight.

  2. roach Says:

    just a reminder- sports betting is illegal in Indiana. so is internet betting.
    either change the laws, or enforce them. also- politicians, and prosecutors have a responsibility to act on “informations”- they cant “cherry pick what laws to enforce or not, regardless of the claim of “limited resources” by the way- GO BEARS! the only colts i remember used to be in baltimore- w/ Johnny Unitas, and Earl Morral- in the words of “W”- I’m a unitas, not a dividas…

  3. Steve Towsley Says:

    >I’m a unitas, not a dividas…

    roach —

    Thanks for making clear what kind of “-ass” you are. (Wink wink)

    Go Colts.

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