January 31, 2007

This doesn’t shock me at all:

When Consumer Reports magazine compared coffee from mega-chain Starbucks with java from three fast-food restaurants, the surprising winner was – McDonald’s.

The magazine had trained tasters sample a medium cup of black coffee from McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, and found the best cup of joe under the golden arches.

McDonald’s coffee could be a tad stronger for my tastes, but it’s almost always fresh. Some places that don’t sell a lot of the stuff just leave it on the burner for several hours. Starbucks coffee is OK, but not worth its outrageous price. It is nice to have one close to the office, but they might have given a little more thought to the location, right next to McDonald’s.


One Response to “McCoffee”

  1. roach Says:

    Of all the coffees i’ve sampled, McDonalds has the best- it wont peel paint like starbucks, but has that nice aroma, and flavor to start your day- and you get a free re-fill.
    want to make starbucks coffee at home? take any instant coffee, put about 2 TABLESPOONS in an 8 oz cup. mix well with flaming hot water. vOILA!

    So instead of shopping at an out-of state, Left-Coast, Liberal mega coporation (isnt that an oxymoron?) from a brain-gain state, and outsourcing hoosier Barista jobs to Seattle-hometown of Kurt cobain, andCourtney Love (creative class poster children;
    Why not keep your coffe dollars local, and buy your java at any of the many local start-up “starbucks wannabes”?

    theres a big difference between McDonalds, and McDonnell douglas. (or in this ANAL-ogy- boeing?)

    And we could have been the “Microsoft of the midwest) if the engineering morons at Magnavox knew how to market cutting edge projects.
    If it wasnt for Philo T farnsworth, and magnavox “Pong”, there would be no
    X-box 360. think about it. (no cherrymasters, or CRT’s, or TV, for that matter.
    It all started here?

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