The comedian

June 28, 2007

Most people think they can be funny, but when it comes right down to it, few really have it in them:

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — Condemned prisoner Patrick Knight was executed Tuesday evening for the deaths of an Amarillo-area couple without delivering on a promise to tell a joke in his final statement.

[. . .]

Randall County Sheriff Joel Richardson, who watched Knight die, said the joke plan seemed to be a ploy by Knight to draw attention to himself.

“Despite all the hype about his joke, it turns out he’s not much of a comedian,” he said. “He’s simply an executed cold-blooded killer.”

Boy, talk about a serious case of stage fright. And that sheriff, talk about judgmentalism . . .


One Response to “The comedian”

  1. larry morris Says:

    Perhaps he was afraid of dying on stage, … oh, wait, he did that anyway, didn’t he.

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