Totally Tuesday

February 8, 2008

So, if you want a new car, try to get one that was made on Tuesday, and if you need surgery, ditto on the day of the week:

In a new survey, 57 percent of executives said Tuesday is the most productive day of the week for employees. Monday was the second most popular answer, although it appears to be losing favor: Only 12 percent of respondents ranked Monday as most productive, compared to 26 percent in a 2002 survey.

Tuesday got more votes than all the other days combined, and it’s not terribly surprising. On Mondays, we’re still getting over the weekend. Wednesday is Hump Day — “Thank God it’s half over.” By Thursday, we’re already starting to feel the tug of the next weekend. Tuesday is the only day we totally at work mentally.


One Response to “Totally Tuesday”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Have to agree with you there, Leo.

    Bought my Firebird in NJ on a TUESDAY, 5 July 1983. Took delivery of it on Thursday, 7 July (had to be shipped from another dealer).

    Almost 25 years later…I STILL have it!

    There seems to be some truth to that, although the transmission’s torque converter crapped out within a month, so THAT must have been built on a MONDAY.

    Luckily, they replaced it with one made on another Tuesday.

    The carb’s been swapped out twice (must have been a Thursday fix), and the A/C compressors ALL must have been made on FRIDAYS!
    (know any good Tuesday rebuilts?)

    Also…if you need SERVICE…it’s a “no-brainer” as to WHICH day of the week to take your car in…

    (hint, forget Friday…no one’s “home” if you get my drift)



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