Worry hurry

May 29, 2008

I wonder if I could find a stress clinic with a drive-thru service.


One Response to “Worry hurry”

  1. gadfly Says:

    Not yet, but the facilities and trained medical personnel are here in Fort Wayne now. An abandoned fire station, an empty oil change garage …any vehicle-friendly facility with an “in”and an “out” door.

    Treatment is easy. Aboutstressmanagement.com advises:
    “There are some such medicines that doctors generally prescribe for patients suffering from stress. Benzodiazepines are one such type of medicines which are used for stress management. Benzodiazepines are really effective and they act fast. For somebody who has faced a recent trauma they are a real boon because they improve sleep and reduce arousal.”

    So , Leo, you need only pull up to the drive-through window, pay in advance, and receive a dose of Lorazapam from a nurse-practitioner and away you go.

    Where is there a medical entrepreneur when you need one? In and about Fredricksburg, VA, the regional health authority, (in cooperation with fire departments) is using the drive-through concept to dispense flu shots.

    I truly just don’t know what to think about the “arousal” part. 🙂

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