Scratching the surface

June 2, 2008

We all know about “gambling” addictions, and even that some people are addicted more to one form, like poker or horse racing, than others. But this is a new one on me:

A Muncie man who stole more than $3,000 from a group promoting education is blaming his misdeeds on an addiction to buying scratch-off lottery tickets.

[. . .]

The Muncie man said he stole the money to support a habit of spending up to $50 daily on scratch-off tickets. Under the terms of a plea agreement, three other forgery charges and a count of theft were dismissed.

A member of the man’s family is affiliated with the group he stole the money from. I don’t want to let lottery officials off the moral hook for the corrupting effect of the lottery on the state, but I wonder if this is merely a gambling addiction rather than also being evidence of serious personality disorder. That used to be called a character flaw, but we don’t talk in those terms anymore.


2 Responses to “Scratching the surface”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Four words come to mind:

    Fortunately, if we don’t already have a “program”( funded by taxpayers) that can help this man (who can’t help himself, obviously)…we can CREATE (yet another) one.
    We have the technology.


  2. Or possibly he’s just pond scum who likes lottery tickets?

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