Must-see YouTube

June 3, 2008

Allen County has its own channel at YouTube, though it’s not exactly scintillating viewing so far. There are seven clips there now, and five of them are about . . . drum roll, please . . . septic tanks!

5 Responses to “Must-see YouTube”

  1. larry morris Says:

    Hey, us country boys love to talk about septic systems, …

  2. Harl Delos Says:

    It’s too bad that septic tanks don’t build character on frosty mornings, but you know, all it really takes to keep me content are loose shoes, a drunk cat, and a warm place to take a dump. (Yes, it’s a misquotation, but I think that this version will get past the censors.)

  3. Leo Morris Says:

    Harl — when the original version came out, I thought, “What’s the big deal? That’s what I want, too.”

  4. gadfly Says:

    Harl …

    As Earl Butz related the colorful ( I can’t believe that I just typed that) racial slur, the feline on catnip came first, followed by the shoes and the warm bathroom, of course, was last. 🙂

  5. Harl Delos Says:

    As you point out, gadfly, I was correct in calling it a misquotation. But do you refer to a feline on catnip as being “tight”? I’ve never heard the word “tight” being used for herbal intoxicants, only for ethanol.

    The Toledo Blade published the joke without censoring it, one of two papers in the country that did that. I think the other one was in Madison, Wisconsin. And at the time, I lived where both the N-S and the Blade had single-copy sales.

    Most of the coverage of the joke omitted the context. Butz was flying to California after being at the RNC convention in Kansas City. The TWA flight had Pat Boone, Sonny Bono, and and John Dean, Jr. sitting together in first class. John Dean had covered the convention for Rolling Stone magazine. Earl went over to the other three, and started up a conversation.

    Earl told a dirty joke involving intercourse between a dog and a skunk. When the conversation went to politics, Pat Boone asked why the party of Lincoln, who had freed the slaves, was not able to attract more blacks. That’s when Butz came up with the joke that all blacks want are three things.

    As you point out, the joke isn’t really funny, as such. It’s Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, phrased in a humorous manner. It’s only when you get your basic needs fulfilled that you pay attention to the less basic needs.

    However, if John Dean related it in Rolling Stone, it didn’t make it into the AP coverage, and by the time I got to Morey’s Newsstand on 5th Street, they were sold out of Rolling Stone. So what was the dog/skunk joke?

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