Got milk? Baaaa

June 9, 2008

Pay no attention to that funny-looking dog with the strange bark:

A Fortville couple think town officials are unfairly harassing them over two goats kept in the family’s backyard.

Joshua and Sarah Brown keep one of the goats for its milk. The other is a companion for the first goat. Both are female.

“They’re friendly. They’re pets,” said Sarah Brown, 31. “They’re the size of large dogs. . . . Everybody thinks it’s kind of cool there are goats in the neighborhood.”

Fortville has about 3,500 people — it’s about as rural as you can get without actually being rural. I think the neighbors are being overly fussy. A goat is far better that some of the people I’ve lived around.

Maybe I’m just sentimental about goats because one of my aunts and her husband had a goat, so I grew up familiar with the taste of goat’s milk. It’s more nutritious than cow’s milk, by the way. Wonder what the folks on Oakdale Drive would think about . . .?


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