Keep it to yourself

June 11, 2008

If you’ve suspected that sending in the “grief counselors” after every school tragedy might be doing more harm than good, you might have been right:

Talk it out. That’s the first advice most victims are given in the wake of trauma. Conventional wisdom would suggest that burying one’s emotions after a violent incident — such as a school shooting or terrorist bombing — will only lead to deeper anxiety later on. Yet, while mental health practitioners widely subscribe to this truism, it has rarely been tested outside a laboratory setting — past studies have found a lack of convincing evidence to support the use of psychological debriefing to mitigate trauma — and some experts think the theory doesn’t hold up in every situation.

I’ve never been demonstrative, and I’ve been told all my life that I needed to “let things out” or “talk them through,” that I was doing myself harm by keeping everything all bottled up inside. Now I have my response: Nyah, nyah, nyah.


2 Responses to “Keep it to yourself”

  1. Let’s talk about why you feel that way.

  2. Bob G. Says:

    If all these “practitioners” would hae practiced a bit MORE, they’d realize that people do NOT all grieve in like manner, time or expression.
    Maybe THAT’S why we ALL are a tad “different?

    Just goes to show that another “cookie-cutter” solution to a NON-cookie cutter problem is rarely the best way to go.

    You go, Leo!



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