We feel your pain

June 12, 2008

Well, they’re paying attention to what happens in flyover country now, aren’t they?

Raging floodwaters that have swallowed homes, bridges and roads across the Midwest this week now threaten to stunt the region’s economy and raise already heightened food prices.

[. . .]

The Midwest corn crop is already estimated to be 10 percent smaller than last year’s, and further flood damage could cause a domino-down effect, pushing livestock feed prices higher and triggering other cost hikes all the way up the food chain.

Pat Robertson has been strangely silent, so I don’t know what God is punishing us for this time, but at least we get to share the pain. 


One Response to “We feel your pain”

  1. MichaelK Says:

    Maybe it’s just an object lesson in how bad an idea ethanol subsidies could be… Right now ethanol is what, 6% of the national fuel supply? Imagine if that was in double digits what something like this would do to gas and food prices.

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