$4-a-gallon hysteria

June 17, 2008

Another meaningless gesture:

Now he takes a Transpo bus to work each day.

“We need to send a message, not only to oil companies, but to the state saying that these taxes are ridiculous on gas,” he said.

Not everyone may be ready to take such a stand.

But the Indiana Department of Environmental Management is hoping many Hoosiers will at least consider walking or biking Thursday for Dump the Pump Day.

Even taking mass transit, such as Transpo, can have an impact on your wallet and lessen the strain on the environment, the agency says.

Transpo officials have said it’s too early to tell whether ridership is up since gasoline prices have continued to rise lately, topping the $4 per gallon mark.

To really save money or have an impact on the environment, millions of people would have to give up driving for longer periods. A few thousand, or even million, doing it for one day won’t do anything. And exactly what do we think all these evil people will do even if they “get the message” we are sending?


2 Responses to “$4-a-gallon hysteria”

  1. gadfly Says:

    Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less

    Its the only way. Lets get the South Dakota refinery on a fast track in order to have the needed refinery capacity.

    Alternative energy is not technically possible on a mass scale at this time. If four dollar gasoline bothers you, get the Dems off their respective arses long enough to pass legislation to lower gas taxes and to permit offshore and ANWR drilling.

    For all you poll watchers …67% of Americans agree with me.

  2. Bob G. Says:

    Count me in on that 67%, buddy!


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