Bank shot

June 18, 2008

Never bring a pretend bomb to a gunfight:

An attempted bank robbery in Canton played out like a scene from a movie Monday when a man who police say claimed to have a bomb was stopped by a customer armed with a pistol.

[. . .]

Fawzi, who spent six years in the Lebanese army, took matters into his own hands.

He tells he pulled out a .9 mm handgun (for which he had a CCW permit), racked a bullet in the chamber, pointed it at Webster and announced, “You are not robbing this bank!”

The startled Webster countered with, “but, I have a bomb” — but Fawzi wasn’t impressed. “I don’t care. You are not robbing this bank!” was the reply from the other side of the gun. He then forced the Webster into a chair and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police tell there were no injuries, no issues with Fawzi’s CCW permit, and no bomb found at the scene.

Legal gun owner. Bad guy. Enough said.

7 Responses to “Bank shot”

  1. Bartleby Says:

    Wow … a .9 mm handgun. Or what we Americans would once have called a “.035 caliber.” Makes the bore of a lowly .22 look like a yawning cannon.

  2. daron aldrich Says:

    That’s great..and the next time when the robber really has a bomb or his/her own 9mm and they both start firing, killing or injuring the innocent bank employees and customers, we can all celebrate that the robber didn’t get away with it.

    If you want to carry a gun around for personal protection, I am cool with that…it’s not for me. I’m far more afraid of “joe citizen” that carries the gun around thinking they will stop every robbery they happen across.


  3. Leo – I know you didn’t write the quote but wow! That’s terrible.

    The .9 mm gun? Somebody needs to look at a ruler. “…racked a bullet in the chamber…” Using a round of ammunition instead of just the bullet would probably work better and if there was already something in the chamber why work the action at all? Methinks chambered a round would be a better construction.

    And just a good old-fashioned grammar flame. “…forced the Webster into the chair…”?

  4. Larry Morris Says:

    “I’m far more afraid of “joe citizen” that carries the gun around thinking they will stop every robbery they happen across.” Yep, that would scare me too, and I carry a gun. I think with carrying a gun comes the responsibility to think before you pull it – not every situation is safe enough to do so.

  5. Leo Morris Says:

    Maybe we shouldn’t let TV reporters write about guns unless they’ve had gun-reporting training.

  6. Larry Morris Says:

    Perhaps they all need some range time, …

  7. Bob G. Says:

    Which END should they stand at, Larry?


    (stands at the business end)

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