A stunning shift

June 19, 2008

Former Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith at National Review Online:

When we failed to find WMD stockpiles [in Iraq], there was a stunning shift in the President’s rhetoric from discussing the threats the Saddam regime had posed to discussing only the promotion of democracy.  I think there were some terrible consequences that flowed from that shift in rhetoric.

It is one thing for the President to ask the American people to support a war intended to defend our own Republic, and it is something else entirely for him to ask the American people to support a war intended to promote the ideals of his speechwriting shop.


2 Responses to “A stunning shift”

  1. Nance Says:

    The fact this is reported at National Review Online on a webcast called “Uncommon Knowledge” says…something.

    Gen. Tommy Franks, who is said to have described Feith as “the f—ing stupidest guy on the face of the planet,” might have a few more contenders.

  2. gadfly Says:

    Doug Feith must be very good in directing the conduct of the war, because the anti-war drive-by media hates his guts. Why Mo Dowd herself called him a GASP “Neo-Con.” At least the people he worked for liked him.

    Don Rumsfeld:
    “Doug Feith, of course, is without question, one of the most brilliant individuals in government.”

    Air Force General Richard Myers credited Feith with a “great perspective” and “great respect for the military.”

    Marine General Peter Pace:
    “Doug Feith is a patriot. It irritates me, not that anyone would question his thoughts or his policies — that is absolutely fair game — but that anyone would question his loyalty or his motives.”

    Bush Security Advisor Stephen Hadley:
    “Your intellectual leadership within the interagency has helped us meet the challenges that face our nation at this critical time.”

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