Out of that car, right now!

June 26, 2008

Driving is bad for the evironment. Walking is healthy for you. So, naturally, it doesn’t take a genius to see what to do — it just takes two Candaian aldermen:

Calgary should consider banning new drive-thrus, two aldermen say — a suggestion that received a chilly reception from some drivers Wednesday.

In a city trying to put pedestrians first and cars last, blocking new drive-thrus from being built makes sense, said Ald. Brian Pincott.

“We’ve got to start designing and building our city for people and drive-thrus are not about people, they’re about cars,” he said.

Ah, yes, “designing for people,” and never mind what those people might actually want. The planner’s mind is a wondrous thing.


One Response to “Out of that car, right now!”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    You haven’t LIVED until you WALK up to a drive-thru ATM…
    (with cars waiting behind you)



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