Slow down or move over

June 26, 2008


Indianapolis — On June 25th, personnel assigned to the Indiana State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division working with troopers assigned to the Indianapolis district will be focusing their efforts on enforcing the Indiana Move Over Law for commercial motor vehicles.

The move over law was enacted by the Indiana General Assembly in response to accidents involving law enforcement officers being struck who had violators stopped along side Indiana roadways. Under Indiana law, a motorist must move over safely or slow down to a safe speed when passing an emergency vehicle that is present along side the roadway.

One of the most annoying — and dangerous — situations is caused by people already in the passing lane who come upon a pullover. If they’re next to me and don’t speed up or slow down to let me in the passing lane, I have no choice but to slow down instead of trying to move over. It’s always a tricky judgment call, and a couple of those clowns have gotten me pretty close to road rage.

Pay attention, people.


One Response to “Slow down or move over”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Back in the day, dmy Dad used to liken driving to “A second job”…and he treated it as such (he was damn good at his FIRST job, if that’s any indicator).
    So I ascribed to that notion.

    Just goes to show you that TODAY…we MUST have a lot of “unemployed” people on our roads…

    (I love allegories)



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