The race is off

June 30, 2008

These are encouraging numbers:

Nearly half of all Americans reported that they have dated outside their race. Sixty percent of Americans between the ages of 18 to 29 have dated outside of their own race — the highest percentage of all age groups.

Interracial marriage may be widely accepted now, but it’s only been 41 years since the Supreme Court, in the landmark Loving v. Virginia decision, ruled that laws prohibiting interracial marriage violated the 14th Amendment.

They are slightly surprising, though. Given how much less young people are said to even care about race, it seems like the 18-29 percentage should be a little higher and the “all Americans” percentage a little lower. Still, the point to get to is where race becomes irrevelevant to dating rather than an exotic experience some people try for the novelty value. Seems like we’re getting closer.

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