Happy to do my part

July 2, 2008

The state, the headline says, is “seeking input” from citizens on this:

According to its testimony and exhibits in this case, I&M is seeking an additional $125.6 million in annual operating revenues from its Indiana customers through a base rate increase.

OK. No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!

Glad I could help.


4 Responses to “Happy to do my part”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    You forgot Nyet, Nein, Non, Nej, Nu, Nee, and Nei.



  2. Steve T. Says:

    Maybe they should bring Reddi Kilowatt out of retirement. Maybe he could explain how this increase would contribute to every company’s fundamental mission to delight their customers…

  3. Harl Delos Says:

    Reddi Kilowatt seems to be working the “shock” and “aw!” department, sending bills that promise to “de-light” customers.

    (Actually, I&ME doesn’t have rights to Reddi Kilowatt. He belongs to Xcel Energy now.)

    Willie Wiredhand is still around, though, working for hundreds of rural co-operatives, and at work internationally, as well. Unlike Reddi, Willie Wiredhand has a UL-approved body.

  4. Steve T. Says:

    Harl wrote in part:
    “… the “shock” and “aw!” department, sending bills that promise to “de-light” customers.”

    I played Rowan to Harl’s Martin on this one, but I must say the result strikes me funny. De-light the customers. “AW!” indeed. Happy 4th, all. Play safe.

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