A followup

July 9, 2008

I have a friend who complains that the press is lousy on followup. We make a big deal out of something for days or even weeks, then just drop it. Why do we so seldom go back and do an update? This one’s for her.

Remember Chandra Levy? Well, she’s still dead. Her murder is still unsolved. And Gary Condit is still losing defamation lawsuits over hints by various people (such as Dominick Dunne) that he might have been involved or at least knows more than he lets on.

What grabbed my attention in the story, though, was this egregious error:

Condit does not deny media reports that he eventually told investigators he had been sexually involved with Levy, who was raised in Modesto and was about three decades his junior. In public, though, he remains discrete.

And that was in a story from McClatchy, the group that bought our Knight Ridder chain. Yikes. You probably think I’m trying to show off my superior word power, but, really, I’m a prudent and circumspect person.


2 Responses to “A followup”

  1. nnall Says:

    Watch it, wiseguy. You called Greta Van Susteren “Gretta Susteren” yesterday. Pot, kettle, glass houses, etc. Maybe the copy desk at the originating McClatchy paper has been outsourced to Mumbai.

  2. Leo Morris Says:

    Ah, c’mon, Nancie, typoing a name ain’t quite the same thing as using the wrong word.

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