Like a good neighbor

July 14, 2008

Bill Clinton says we are becoming increasingly polarized:

He cited statistics compiled by Bishop that found that in the 1976 presidential election, only 20 percent of the nation’s counties voted for Jimmy Carter or President Ford by more than a 20 percent margin.

By contrast, 48 percent of the nation’s counties in 2004 voted for John Kerry or President Bush by more than 20 points, Clinton said.

“We were sorting ourselves out by choosing to live with people that we agree with,” Clinton said.

That suggests we seek out neighborhoods based on what people there think. I wonder how much that’s a factor or whether it’s that people who live in the same area start thinking alike because they have the same challenges and issues to deal with. Don’t know, just wondering.


2 Responses to “Like a good neighbor”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Oh, brother…I’m not going to touch THAT one with a ten foot pole…(and for all the obvious reasons).

    Nice to pondfer, though, eh?


  2. Bob G. Says:

    That’s PONDER, people.


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