The never-ending story

July 14, 2008

A 1 percent food and beverage tax is being proposed in Richmond, and restaurant owners are not happy about it:

“My concern is there will not be enough business,” said Galo Molina, who owns The Olde Richmond Inn, Galo’s Italian Grill, and 5th Street Coffee & Bagels in Richmond.

“I don’t know if the community can afford this with the economy we have right now,” he said. “It will affect us. It will affect all of us. Soon we will have empty buildings around town.”

There is a simple solution. Those business owners just need to get a pledge from officials that the money from the tax will be used for a specific purpose and that the tax will go away when that purpose has been achieved. It worked out very well that way here in Allen County.


One Response to “The never-ending story”

  1. tim zank Says:

    Yep, worked out real well didn’t it?

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