July 18, 2008

OK, God works in mysterious ways, but a bullet-proof watermelon?

Police later showed Thompson the path the bullet took through her car. She now believes that path was guided by God.

“Came through the door, hit her, then it went to the Bible,” she said. The Bible was sitting on the seat between the two girls. “It went in here and come out here and it shredded my Sunday School book. The word of God slowed the bullet so that it didn’t kill anybody.”

A watermelon Jaelyn was holding in her lap eventually stopped the bullet.

“Right in the watermelon. Didn’t come out of the watermelon,” Thompson said. “The word of God and the Lord’s power saved. He sent the bullet into the watermelon.”

She said that both her granddaughters are OK and that eventually Shyann’s bullet wound would heal.

I’m all for milking a good story, but come on: This account doesn’t even bother to mention that the gun battle sending stray bullets in the car also resulted in the death of one Jeffrey Taylor, shot in the back. How come God didn’t show up with two watermelons?


4 Responses to “Melongolly”

  1. MichaelK Says:

    Apparently Jeffrey didn’t worship the right melon god.

  2. alex Says:

    Because Whoopi Golberg would be on your ass right now.

  3. Bob G. Says:

    Another magic bullet?
    Sounds like a job for…

    Quick, to the (Arlen) Spectormobile!



  4. Harl Delos Says:

    We read so many stories about bullets hitting Bibles. It
    makes me think that God must hate organized religion.

    (I had a discussion with God this morning, on just that very subject, but if you want to know what she thinks, I suggest you ask her directly. After all, I could be lying. Judging by the fact that they contradict each other, there are obviously many preachers who lie about God.)

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