July 21, 2008

Something I wasn’t aware is available but am not surprised by:

If you demand quality veterinary care for your pets, then you already know that this is not inexpensive. If your pet becomes unexpectedly ill or injured you may find yourself suddenly facing hundreds to thousands of dollars in veterinary bills. Many pet owners have found that pet health insurance can be a convenient way to help cover the costs of routine or emergency treatment for their pets.

My last cat, Pierre, was mostly low maintenance, but when he had a kidney problem, it cost me $1,200 before it was finally taken care of. The load might have been lighter if I’d doled it out a little at a time over the years as “insurance,” but I suspect the bottom line would have been about the same. This seems more like a payment plan — spread out that gas bill instead of having such giant bills in the winter — than real insurance. My in-house survey of Dutch and Maggie revealed a consensus:That’s your worry, don’t bother us with the trivial details.

On the other hand, some people probably can’t even afford pet insurance, not to mention pet therapy. We should probably pay attention to Obama’s and McCain’s plans for this looming national crisis. Somebody at least needs to come up with a Pets Maintenance Organization plan.


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