How Mideast peace was achieved

July 23, 2008

Today’s joke:

A woman was walking on the beach when she came upon a lamp. She picked it up and rubbed it, and, of course, a genie popped out. “I will give you one wish,” the genie said. “That’s easy,” the woman replied. “I want peace in the Mideast. Look at the countries I’ve got marked on this map, and make them stop fighting each other.”

The genie threw his hands up in despair. “Lady, don’t you know there are hatreds and rivalries going back thousands of years in that part of the world? Why, the religious differences alone would take a dozen genies a hundred years to figure out. How about a different wish?”

“Well,” the woman said,  “I really think Barack Obama could achieve peace if he becomes president. But he’s got this one little flaw that might prevent his election — he’s an awfully somber and serious person. So my wish is for you to give Obama a sense of humor.”

“Oh, all right,” the genie said. “Let me see that damn map!”


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