100 days and counting

July 28, 2008

The high-minded, sophisticated foreign policy debate continues:

With just 100 days until the election, Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are accusing each other of shifting their positions when it comes to Iraq.

Obama accused McCain of altering his stance after the senator from Arizona said 16 months would be a “pretty good timetable” for troop withdrawal, and McCain said Obama was becoming more inline with his position — a “conditions-based” plan for withdrawal.

Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, and so’s yer old man. Obama can’t let go of “the surge was a bad idea,” and McCain won’t embrace “the war was a bad idea,” but the truth is they seem to be in about the same place when it comes to withdrawl: about 16 months, more or less, depending on “conditions on the ground” or “pevailing circumstances” or whatever the hell they’re calling it this week. So there goes the No. 1 foregn policy issue. Since neither of them seems to have a clue about economic matters, there goes domestic policy, too. Get out the tea leaves.


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