First things first

July 29, 2008

Indiana residents’ use of seat belts has reached the highest percentage ever — 91.2, up from the 2007 record of 88.4 percent — and officials remind us to keep up the good work:

“Motorists should remember that wearing a seat belt is not only their best defense against death or injury in a crash – it’s the law,” said Indiana State Police Superintendent, Paul Whitesell.

Does that seem backwards to anybody else? I’m preventing myself from experiencing death or a horribly crippling serious injury, sure, and all well and good, but the really neat part is that I’m obeying the law! This is similar to those billboards we used to have that said something like: “It’s not just a good idea — it’s the law.” But it’s the law, presumably, because it’s a good idea, so, as a matter both of principle and logic, I would say, “It’s not just the law — it’s a good idea.”


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