Peyton plays

July 30, 2008

Never mind the gubernatorial race, the condition of Indiana’s economy, the worry over gas prices and the housing crisis and all that other silly stuff. This is what Hoosiers really care about:

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – Peyton Manning has taken his next step on his road to recovery. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback has arrived in town.

Exactly where is still in question.

[. . .]

Manning had been at his Indianapolis home recovering from July 14 surgery to remove an infected bursa sac from his left knee. The team said then that his recovery time would take between four and six weeks.

Dungy made it clear the team will not put Manning on the practice field until he’s ready.

So when will he be ready, huh? When, when, when? Unless we’re talking dynasty, which would seem to be overstating it for the Colts, Super Bowl teams fall apart awfully fast. This year is pretty much do or die for a repeat, so we need a healthy Manning. Of course, that super duper expensive new stadium will probably get us at least one touchdown a game, what with the players’ self-esteem being so high and all. Still, we need Peyton our there playing his heart out.


One Response to “Peyton plays”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Cripes, it’s like the kids in the back seat going:
    “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

    What a world…

    ( we’re HERE)

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