Bring back variety

July 31, 2008

Yeah, I watched “America’s Got Talent” again this week, and, apparently, I’m not alone. It was the highest-rated show last week. The thing is, if you strip away the competition part and the inane chatter of the judges, what you have is just an old-fashioned variety show of the type introduced by Ed Sullivan and then slicked up a little by Dean Martin and Carol Burnett. I think there’s room for another one of those now.

And somebody in TV-land thinks so, too.

What I’m told is that Ben Silverman and Jeff Zucker like the idea — and it’s a great one that Rosie’s had for a long time. The new show could turn out to be a 2009 version of Carol Burnett or even “The Ed Sullivan Show.’

The latter would even be better with Rosie presenting it all live — as in not on tape — from a Broadway theater, possibly on Sunday night. The show would have skits but more importantly O’Donnell could feature all kinds of acts from comedy to drama to music — exactly what’s missing from prime time.

Rosie’s not my favorite entertainer, but she was an OK comedienne before she got so political. I’d probably check her show out a few times just to see how good the acts were.


One Response to “Bring back variety”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    And no one remembers:
    “Ted Mack’s Original Amateur hour”?
    How about Arthur Godfrey?
    (for shame)



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