It’s coming, it’s coming!

July 31, 2008

Who says there’s never anything fun to do in Fort Wayne?

Right now you can buy your tickets to WWE World Wrestling Entertainment BEFORE the public. The free presale password for the WWE World Wrestling Entertainment show in Fort Wayne gives access to tickets for a short time.

Wow, a secret password that can get us in ahead of that nasty old public. You remember the public. They’re the ones who scream at the performers so loudly that it’s hard for the rest of us to concentrate on the brilliant strategies employed by these fine athletes.


One Response to “It’s coming, it’s coming!”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    brilliant strategies…fine athletes…!?!

    I can go you one better…
    Just wait about for the FWPD to nail some perp down here.
    (probably won’t have to wait long, and NO lines)
    Makes the WWE pale in comparison.
    (you do have to bring your own concessions, though)
    And talk about “drama”!!!



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