Never born, can’t die

August 4, 2008

Given that the “conservative” presidential candidate has Teddy Rossevelt for a political hero and the sitting “conservative” president has outspent LBJ, Reason’s Matt Welch is dead on in noting the delusions of the left-of-center analysts who are proclaiming the death of the limited-government idea:

To look at that landscape and declare that Republicans are riding free-market principles to their grave, is to advertise more than just ignorance. It’s an act of wishful thinking, hoping that the voters who happen to agree with your political party for once are doing so because they agree with your big-government philosophy. Considering that one of the more credible Turning Points against the GOP was when Congress intervened to prolong the life of a single human vegetable, I think declaring this anti-Republican season to be a victory for re-regulation is a tad premature.

Perhaps the idea of limited government is not for the modern era. Just for laughs, though, would it be nice to see it actually tried by somebody?


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