The news went over like a lead balloon

August 5, 2008

Omigod, a Zeppelin comeback! Oh, wait:

Thanks to their low fuel consumption, airships are enjoying renewed attention as an alternative in an era of high fuel prices. But while zeppelins inspire enormous loyalty among those who work on them and a sense of wonder among all who watch them soar, the financial returns have barely gotten off the ground.

Never mind.


2 Responses to “The news went over like a lead balloon”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Leo, they’ve batted this poor thing (read blimps) around for DECADES…and nothing comes of it, in spite of the fact they have better, more fuel-efficient engines.
    But they’re from a much more laid-back era…a slower paced world, if you will.

    Guess today, everyone STILL wants to get everywhere…IMMEDIATELY.


  2. gadfly Says:

    Wow ….Led Zeppelin is making yet another comeback! Whoda thunk it. Ooops sorry …lead balloon, Led Zeppelin …I got carried away in the moment.

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