August 6, 2008

You know the question they used to try to scare us with? “Are a few moments of pleasure worth a lifetime of regret?” This guy should have asked it of himself:

Just one day after a convicted murderer escaped from an Indiana prison an arrest has been made. But it wasn’t the prisoner who was taken into custody, it was a correction officer.

According to the Department of Correction, 41-year-old Scott Spitler from Sullivan County was working as a correctional officer at the Rockville facility when he helped 29-year-old Sarah Pender escape.

[. . .]

“He admitted to aiding offender taking her out to parking lot, having relation with her and conspiring with her on this escape attempt,” said Indiana DOC Commissioner Ed Buss.

Hope Scott got some nice memories from the encounter. The woman has two tattoos, which probably explains his inability to control himself. And she’s only a double murderer, after all, not a serial killer or anything.


One Response to “Idiot”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Stupid IS…as stupid DOES.
    (right, Scott?)



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