PETA party

August 7, 2008

Sure glad the PETA folks have stopped going over the top:

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — An animal rights group has tried – and failed – to run a newspaper ad comparing the beheading of a passenger on a Greyhound bus last week to the treatment of animals by the meat industry.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, said on its website it would run the ad in the Portage la Prairie Daily Graphic.

However, city editor Tara Seel said the newspaper had no intention of running the ad, which uses imagery of “an innocent victim’s throat” being cut, in reference to the slaughter of cows, chickens and pigs on factory farms.

I was going to remark that about the only thing they haven’t tried yet is comparing chicken eggs to abortion, but maybe it’s best to hold off on giving them that much credit.


2 Responses to “PETA party”

  1. Mitchell Says:

    I didn’t find anything with a quick Google but you’ll be glad to know you’re on the first page of results for ‘peta eggs abortion’ Oh yeah, and PETA are a bunch of media whores.

  2. People Eating Tasty Animals?

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