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August 8, 2008

Three dates have been set for the gubernatorial debates:

The debates, which will be televised live, will be Sept. 16 at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville; Sept. 23 at the Jasper Arts Center in Jasper; and Oct. 14 at the Indiana University Auditorium in Bloomington.

When this was reported on WANE last night, the reporter added, in aggrieved tones, “and Fort Wayne WON’T be one of the sites.” Well, they”ll be on live television, so who cares? They could all be in a basement storage closet of the YMCA in Terre Haute.

Actually, it would be cool if they also live-streamed them and took e-mail questions during a portion the debates. That would be lively.

7 Responses to “Live from anywhere”

  1. gadfly Says:

    Leo …you know and we all know that all questions in political debates are pre-screened and provided in advance to the candidates.

    Meanwhile, back to the YouTube fiasco …

  2. Leo Morris Says:

    Actually, I’ve participated as a questioner in a few political debates, and that’s not always true, at least BELOW the presidential level.

  3. In the debate of 2002I participated in, I was not given any heads up on questions.

  4. Harl Delos Says:

    The questions don’t have to be PREscreened. There would be more questions asked than can possibly could be answered, and there will be someone who decides whether a question is sufficiently “serious” to justify making it into the debate.

    They’d make sure that the “someone” is impartial to the two sides, but actually, the impish questions might provide more useful answers than the serious ones.

  5. Kevin Knuth Says:

    Of course they are not debating in the 3rd Congressional District where Jill Long Thompson is popular!

  6. Leo Morris Says:

    Shouldn’t she be pleased with that? She needs to gain ground elsewhere, not here.

  7. Harl Delos Says:

    She needs to gain ground elsewhere, not here.

    A vote “elsewhere” is worth more than a vote ‘here”?

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