NIMBYs aren’t always wrong

August 8, 2008

When they say “Not in my back yard” in Plainfield, they really do mean not in my back yard:

Residents of one of Plainfield’s oldest neighborhoods want better streets and other improvements from the town, but they’re not so hot on a proposed park.

They say the proposed park carved from open space in several backyards of the Duffy-Gibbs neighborhood would end the isolation they have enjoyed.

What ludicrous overreaching. When they tore down the old Lutheran Hospital in my part of town, they turned the land into a nice walking-space park, which is the right way to do it. Take a whole piece of land. I can imgaine the reaction on Oakdale Drive if the city just came to us and said, “We going to talk half of five or six of your back yards and put in some swings and basketball courts.”


One Response to “NIMBYs aren’t always wrong”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    Like to see the city take about 99% of ALL the houses around me and turn THAT into a PARK!
    (then I could reacquaint myself with what a “good night’s sleep” is once again).
    And have that “quality of life” the city is always blowing their horn about.

    We can even call it the Southside Victory Park!
    (for that WOULD be a victory)

    But NO b’ball courts or swing sets…just a nice WALKING PARK…not a place TO PARK (and sell drugs), kapesh?



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