Sober Sundays

August 11, 2008

The fact that we’re the only state that still does a certain thing does not make that thing the wrong thing to do. But we should at least be open to the possibility that the other 49 states have it right: lists specific Indiana facts regarding the sale of alcohol and points out that Indiana is the only state in the country that discriminates against drug, grocery and convenience store customers by only allowing one retail segment, package liquor stores, to sell cold beer. Indiana is also one of only three states that prohibits retailers from selling alcohol on Sundays, yet allows restaurants, taverns and numerous sports and community events to sell alcohol by the drink on Sunday. Indiana is one of only 15 states that still prohibit the carry-out sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday.

When the state decided to move away a little from its blue-laws past, what possessed officials to permit sales by the drink, so people could get tanked and drive home, instead of allowing retail sales, so they could take their booze home before getting plastered?

You can go to and fill out an online petition in favor of modernizing our liquor laws.

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