Did I say that out loud?

August 12, 2008

Journal Gazette cartoonist Dan Lynch and I were hang-out-on-break-together buddies, and we even got together a few times to mess around with guitars (he could actually play his). He used to describe one of his co-workers this way: “You know that governor you have in your head that tells you when to stop talking because you’re in danger of going too far? And sometimes it even tells you not to speak at all? Well, he doesn’t have one of those.” This — a “Did I really say that out loud?” moment for Bret Favre — made me think of Dan:

“There were times in practice today I wondered if I made the right move,” Favre said. “I knew today would be tough. I was probably overly excited and I’m going to pay for it tomorrow.”

After all the crap he put Green Bay fans through and all the instant adulation from Jets fans, he wonders if he made the right move? No, Bret, you didn’t. Go become a professional wrestler next.

Dan once said to me, on a day when I must have taken Casual Friday a mite too seriously, “So, jes’ come inter town fer supplies?” I don’t stand out that much these days, though. A lot of people dress casually at work every day of the week. Some even look like they belong in the stands at a football game.

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