Not the mother of the year

August 12, 2008

Give her some credit — at least she didn’t let the 3-year-old drive:

 A Lafayette woman faces up to six years and six months in prison for being under the influence when she let her 5-year-old son drive her around.

Holly L. Schnobrich, 25, pleaded guilty Monday in Tippecanoe Circuit Court to two counts of neglect of a dependent, a Class D felony, and one count of public intoxication, a Class B misdemeanor.

[. . .]

She first was arrested in August 2007 after residents in the Saddlebrook subdivision, off Indiana 26 east of Lafayette, found the boy behind the wheel of a vehicle with Schnobrich in the passenger seat.

Another 3-year-old boy, the older child’s brother, was unbuckled in the back seat.

According to court documents, Schnobrich said that she would take Percocet, a prescription painkiller, to calm down when her kids acted up. She’s accused of taking Percocet and drinking vodka with juice that day.

At the time of her arrest, police found a near-empty bottle of over-the-counter sleeping pills in Schnobrich’s purse that she admitted to buying just a few days prior.

Where’s the husband? you ask. Why isn’t he taking control of the situation? Well, he’s in Iraq. Nice homecoming he’s going to have.


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