Mystery solved

August 14, 2008

Finally, something that might knock the John Edwards story out of the news:

 Bigfoot may have been found. Maybe. We’ll see.

Two Northern California men and two Georgians say they’ve got a body, a photo and DNA evidence pertaining to the elusive forest-dwelling man-ape — and that they’ll reveal all at a press conference in Palo Alto, Calif., on Friday.

They say they found the body in Georgia, but I sense a coverup. Palo Alto is in California, which also has Lake Tahoe, which also connects to Nevada, which has — that’s right! — Area 51.

One Response to “Mystery solved”

  1. Bob G Says:

    Wow…I guess something FINALLY came from all those “beef-jerky” ads.
    No more messin’ with Sasquatch, eh?


    (BTW, the “new” Area 51 is in Utah, but I never said that, and I was never here)

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