Those who can, do . . .

August 21, 2008

My Spanish teacher in high school supplemented his income by painting houses in the summer. This seems to be the modern version of that time-honored kind of education moonlighting:

A Cleveland High School teacher, in Houston, Texas was charged with prostitution after meeting a man in an online chat room and soliciting him in a downtown Houston hotel.

Police said Laurie Ann Lewis, 38, was arrested Tuesday at the Four Seasons in an undercover sting.

She was arrested after asking for $300 to perform a sexual act. That seems a little high, especially since the teachers’ union probably wasn’t involved in setting the price.


2 Responses to “Those who can, do . . .”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    LMAO…good observation, Leo!

    Sure bet that painting a “house” was NOT involved.


  2. Harl Delos Says:

    The article says Lewis has worked for the district since August 2006 as a theater teacher. I’ve heard that many actors do research before taking on a role. I suppose she could argue that she wants to be the best possible teacher….

    Not bad looking. The video is simply a pic of her with voice-over. It ends with “undercover cops were drawn to Lewis”, and it broke off. I suspect the rest of the sentence would have said “when she did such-and-so” but perhaps it was just saying they were drawn to her.

    Hmmm. Houston looks like a good place to knock over liquor stores, if the cops are busy trolling chat rooms to catch prostitutes.

    Is $300 high for a hooker?

    There’s an old joke about the guy accosted by a hooker in a bar, and she says that for $100, she’ll do anything he can express in three words. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out $100, hands it to her, and says, “Paint my house.”

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