A gay old time

August 25, 2008

The American Family Association is trying to draft me into a war I don’t want to participate in:

Hallmark Greeting Cards has announced it will begin selling same-sex wedding cards, even though same-sex marriage is legal in only two states. The purpose, they say, is to satisfy consumer demand. It appears that their purpose is also to push same-sex marriage. Last year Hallmark began offering “coming out” cards – as in “coming out of the closet” — a euphemism for announcing homosexuality.

It’s just my guess, understand, but I suspect all Hallmark cares about is selling cards. In other words, it’s all about them. So I will confess here and now — find such honesty elsewhere in the blogosphere, I dare you! — that it’s all about me, too.

Gay women? If I find them unatrractive, I just don’t care; they can do whatever they want with  whomever they want. If I do find them attractive, it breaks my heart, and I will continue to entertain the fantasy that the right approach from the right man can turn them around. Gay men? Go for it — less competition for me.


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