Tray chic

August 25, 2008

The newest thing in education circles is the elimination of the cafeteria tray. Apparently it saves on energy (cutting down on the hot water needed for washing) and prevents so a lot of food waste. Students who juggle plates don’t let their eyes become bigger than their stomachs, I guess Well, some students:

“I’ll just keep coming back for seconds,” said Jeff Lyke, a freshman at Glenville State, which started going trayless in April to coincide with Earth Day.

At least he’s getting more exercise. I’m with Jeff. At buffets with no trays, I don’t eat less. I just get annoyed at having to make more trips. Why do I have such strong memories of the high school lunch tray, spotted with spilled milk and sloppy joe droppings? Repetition, probably.

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