Bark Mitzvah

August 27, 2008

How do you know someone has more money than he knows what to do with? He spends $10,000 to have a religious ceremony for his dog:

David Best decided to throw a party for his dog named Elvis. He decided to make it a “Bark Mitzvah” and had guests like Dr. Ruth show up at Sammy’s Roumanian In Manhattan.

And, yes, there is video.

I spent $1,200 on my cat Pierre when he had a liver problem, but it bought him a few more years in pretty good health, so I consider it money well-spent. I’d spend that much or more on Dutch and Maggie, the two cats I have now, if their health were threatened. But I’d never make them wear silly hats or sweaters, behaving in the the way some dog owners are inclined to. It would offend their dignity just so I could make some kind of statement about myself to other humans. David Best is, if I may borrow a Yiddish expression, a putz.


2 Responses to “Bark Mitzvah”

  1. Harl Delos Says:

    You sure you want to call him a putz? I think the yiddish word you want is schmuck.

    Remember Abbie Hoffman at the trial of the Chicago Seven? He told Judge Hoffman that at the judge’s briss, the mohel threw away the wrong part….

  2. Rose Says:

    I think that Mr. David Best is misplacing the priorities in this world. Humankind needs help, children are starving, Jewish and not Jewish human beings are dying of hunger… and he spends 10 thousand dollars in a party for a DOG? You may love your dog to death, Míster, but to throw your money on an event that for the dog is the same as just noise, is a bad, bad attitude. I am not telling you nor advising you on what to spend your money, but I feel that humankind is offended with your gesture. As a Jewish person, I am offended that you make such a mockery of one of the most serious rituals of the Jewish religion. Go and pay a bar or a bat-mitzvah for kids who are needy, whose parents or family members hardly have what to eat … they will be eternally grateful to your generosity. They may even have a dog also, so you can fulfill your deep desire of helping animals too.

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