Hangin’ in there!

August 27, 2008

Gee, I don’t know. Sounds kinda catchy to me:

“Not making the list of dying cities is not exactly the kind of thing economic development people dream about,” Young said. And he’s right, of course. “Fort Wayne: We’re Not Dead” isn’t much of a marketing slogan.

The column is about why Fort Wayne doesn’t seem to be stagnating while Forbes magazine identified Ohio and Michigan as the two states with the most cities on the 10-fastest-dying list (Canton, Youngstown, Dayton, Cleveland, Flint and Detroit). The points are made that our “growth” has come mostly from annexation, not universally popular, and that we may see the most potential from a private rather than public venture — the broadband connectivity possible because of Verizon’s $100 million fiber-optics network. I notice that James Carlini, one of the people quoted in the column, has already posted a comment to it to expand on the remarks he made. We no longer have the last word — that’s good for the readers but a little scary for us.


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