Taxing times

September 3, 2008

Don’t think so:

Several reform groups will call for the repeal of property taxes when a legislative committee holds a hearing later this month.

The interim study committee will hear testimony on the issue at the Statehouse on September 10th.

Indiana Property Tax Repeal Alliance chairman John Price says property tax restructuring passed last year will have only a cosmetic approach.

If the state would reduce spending to levels I would like, it could stand to eliminate a whole class of taxes — either on property or income or sales. But it won’t, ever, will it? So completely eliminating one tax would put too much of a burden on the people who pay the other two taxes.

Here’s The Associated Press’ Mike Smith with an analysis.


2 Responses to “Taxing times”

  1. It is the Conservation of Taxes. Taxes can only be created, never repealed unless the other remaining taxes are increased more than the loss of the repealed tax was.

    Property taxes were lowered by 23 to 28%. Sales tax was raised by 16% and many locals are looking at raising the income tax levy. The sum of the taxes now will be greater than the property tax was. The only difference is who paid what form of tax.

  2. tim zank Says:

    Until the morons stop spending, it’s always gonna be push-pull.

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