Quiet time

September 4, 2008

Actually, this seems a little high to me:

Television, radio, the internet, and telephones intrude so much on our day that the average person has just over an hour free from “media noise”.

One in three adults do not even have an hour of rest while at home and more than one-in-five (22 per cent) have 30 minutes or less, according to findings from media researchers M-Lab.

I don’t know, but I think definitions may be changing. “Media noise” and “peace and quiet” aren’t necessarily opposite conditions. As someone who lives along, I frequently have the TV on, even if I’m doing something else and not paying attention to it. It’s just part of the background. But, then again, I grew up doing homework to the sound of the radio or a record player, so maybe I’m one of those people who don’t like too much quiet piling up.


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