Buckle up

September 8, 2008

Colts kinda stunk up the joint in their Lucas Oil premiere game, didn’t they?

So for a week the Bears, not the Colts, are the Super Bowl contenders. Heck, having beaten Peyton Manning and with Tom Brady injured, maybe the Bears are Super Bowl favorites.

Surely I jest. Yes, surely I do. But the Bears are a week ahead of where they were expected to be in, say, December.

I’m both a Colts and Bears fan. Looks like it’s gonna be a bumpy ride this year.


One Response to “Buckle up”

  1. Bob G. Says:

    When I saw the score for the game (I’m also a fan of da Bears), and then thought how THAT (new) stadium was ram-rodded down all those Hoosier throats, I could only think of ONE word:


    Perhaps you DO get what you pay for.
    How apropos.


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