School days

September 8, 2008


It used to be that way a few decades ago. Labor Day marked the unofficial end of summer and the time for administrators, teachers and students to head back to the classrooms.

Lehe said one of the reasons for the shift to start school in the middle of August was due mainly to ISTEP testing in the fall. That argument no longer holds water as ISTEP tests have been moved to the spring.

Good point. Another reason advanced for the early end of the school year was that schools wanted to let students get a head start on available summer jobs. If that’s so, a statewide calendar should solve the problem. Or would that step on local prerogatives?


One Response to “School days”

  1. I do not think ISTEP had anything to do with it. Long before ISTEP, the start of school has been moved earlier. My honest oppinion is it is a way to pay teachers more. They start earlier and go longer with more off days in the school year. These off days are teacher work days.

    If a school system wanted to save money, start after labor day and get out by the second week of May. Also have not one large school, but multiple schools spread out so that bussing of students is more efficient. With the price of fuel, I know the taxpayers of NWAC system are going to pay a lot more.

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