Kim Jong Illlll

September 10, 2008

I know I’ve read scarier paragraphs; I just can’t remember when:

Mr. Bush’s former ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, yesterday said he doubted very much that the next leader of North Korea would be one of Mr. Kim’s sons. “So far this is the world’s only hereditary communist dictatorship. The odds of one of the sons inheriting the country are remote. I think the military is the real source of power. Without a clear line of succession the possibility of a power struggle is very real,” Mr. Bolton said.

Millions of starving people, an all-powerful military, nuclear capability, no good intelligence on what actually goes on in the country. Nothing to see here, move along, move along.

This is the kind of scary thing that can happen in the middle of the night for our next president, whomever that might be. And it’s not the kind of thing any of them are prepared to do based on experience. We vote for the one we think has the judgment to weigh the options and make the best call possible.


One Response to “Kim Jong Illlll”

  1. tim zank Says:

    All they need is a little hope & change. The ONE will heal their wounds, bringing all factions together to have a relevant dialogue (shortly before they launch a series of nuclear warheads) worthy of all the worlds praise!

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