Five days a week

September 12, 2008

The death of a thousand cuts continues:

Effective next week, a Rush County newspaper says it will no longer publish on Mondays, opting to cut back to five days a week to save on newsprint, delivery, and other expenses.

Laura Welborn, regional publisher of the Rushville Republican, says in an open letter on the newspaper’s Web site that the industry is struggling, just like many of its readers.

I noticed in the comments that one person said it would be no big loss since the paper never printed anything against the status quo and another said that newspapers never print the real facts, such as the one about fluoride in the drinking water being BAD. I liked this one: “People are now demanding free news on the Internet. But what they don’t realize is that paid journalists provide that content, often on sites run buy papers that are losing circulation . . . Demanding something for nothing eventually leads to a fall. C’mon people, BUY a paper or two.” Yeah, darn it.


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